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Exclusive Content

Congratulations! You found our secret page! This page will show behind the scene footage of how I make my footage. Think of it as a free patreon page. Check this page out every week to get new content and see what updates that will happen before it happens. If you like to suggest any options that we can take, please press the contact button and if you like to donate...well you know what to do.

Joe Yates Productions


With you finding the secret page - you get the exclusive news on what is going on - on this website. Alaskan Films will be rebranding to

Joe Yates Productions. The effective date will be April 12th, 2021. We are more than a film company and we are planning on expanding even more. More updates will be coming soon. Follow Yates.Productions on Instagram and Yates Productions on Facebook Today to be the first ones to know what is going on. Not much on there right now...But there will be. Keep checking.

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Shot Me

DM me on Instagram with this screen shot and receive a 50%  off on your next photo shoot!

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Podcast Coming Soon

We are currently preparing our first season of our very own podcast. We want to highlight other content creators around Alaska on who they are and how they got here. The first episode to be released by March 22nd, 2021. 

If you are interested on being a special guest - Please contact us!

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