Official Trailer 

12min   |  Language: Yup'ik/Haida


Producer: 'Waats'asdiyei Yates

                 & Charleen Berlin

Director:  'Waats'asdiyei Yates

Taking a deeper look at language revitalization within the Yup'ik and Haida cultures. Young couple who tries to save their languages through their child, Nayak'aq Yaahl Yates.

They are putting a new spin on their teaching methods to bring back the old ways.

If We Don't Teach Them, Who Will?

"Beautiful. Powerful. Potent."

Article on the Film

Voices of Our Ancestors  (2018)

We are currently working on a full-length feature version of Voices of Our Ancestors. We are currently looking for Haida singers. Film has been pushed back due to Covid-19.

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